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With a focus on exploring Eastern European nostalgia botanicals, we are well known for our love for plants. From drinks to decorations to art installations, we are in constant search for innovation. We reach modern audiences and create a link between modern products, art, and easygoing design while exploring the legacy of local ingredients — be they popular or lesser known.

Since our opening in 2016, we have challenged the meaning of a bar by engaging in an active dialogue with our customers and blurring the boundaries between cocktail drinking and creative practices. FIX is less a display of our skills and rather more about using people’s preferences to innovate when it comes to flavour. Did our visitors want to drink cola? Instead of refusing to serve one, we made our own from scratch. By keeping a curious eye to what our customers have to say, we respond to their needs as much as fulfilling our desire for craft drinks. There used to be a misconception that people don’t drink cocktails, however through product innovation, we soon found out cocktails can be very popular.

People’s perspective changed after FIX opening and the search for easygoing places is now a growing trend. We make a no-fuss yet exciting product which had been previously perceived as pretentious. We introduced new flavours to the market and made other bar enthusiasts curious about what we create. The industry keeps an eye on us for inspiration. 


For us, global is source of knowledge and inspiration to celebrate the local:

we employ traditional techniques used in faraway territories to create flavour at home — one quick example is the Japanese technique used for the making of Ume Liqueur that we employed to make mirabelle liqueur at home.

What we focus on ︎


by making all cocktail ingredients in-house, from scratch, using complex old school techniques such as infusion, emulsification, milk clarification and others.

by looking at ordinary ingredients and well established practices from new perspectives. Blurring the boundaries between cocktail drinking and creative fields.

by constantly using all parts of plants for flavour making. Nothing is waste for us, everything is to be reused whenever possible.

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