Book production

The book represents a timeless design object that relies on timely topics through modern photography. Printed at Kopa in Lithuania (an experienced art book printer that produced over 40 award-winning publications in their 30 years of existence), the volume will be printed in 1000 copies and distributed widely on an international scale. The thoughtful production represents an extension of the book’s bold graphic design.

︎Print Run: 1000 copies

︎144 pages, bilingual Romanian-English

︎155 mm x 200 mm Hardcover, cloth-bound, hot foil

︎Multiple types of premium paper, glossy and matte


︎May-July (research)

︎August-September (content making)

︎September (design)

︎October (print & launch)

︎To move beyond local audiences and promote our product globally.

︎International distribution to, among others:
the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia (Dispozitiv Books),
France, Belgium, Switzerland (Les Presses du Réel),
the UK, the US, Asia (Antenne Books), Netherlands, Germany, Italy (Idea Books).

Book distribution

The volume is distributed worldwide through Dispozitiv Books (350 copies in Romania and Eastern Europe), Les Presses du Réel (200 copies in France, Belgium, Switzerland), Antenne Books (225 copies in the UK, Asia, North America), Idea Books (225 copies in the Netherlands, Germany, and the rest of Europe). Les Presses du Réel is an independent French publishing house and a distribution company based in Dijon and founded in 1992. Antenne Books is a distributor for independent publishers; established in London in 2010, Antenne Books distributes publications on art, photography, design, illustration, theory, writing, fashion and culture. Founded in 1976, Idea Books is an Amsterdam-based specialist distributor of books, exhibition catalogues, and magazines on contemporary architecture, art, photography, design, fashion, and film.

Book audience

The reader of the book is an extension of the FIX customer: food and drinks enthusiasts or individuals driven by a curiosity for the new. Our audience is international as well as local, with an interest in local flavours and visual arts alike. Our readers are keenly interested in the world that surrounds them and the joys they may derive from it. Creatives that are looking to get in touch with their roots, with the collective heritage, with neglected narratives from our shared past. With a focus on exploring Eastern European nostalgia botanicals, FIX is also well known for its love for plants. From drinks to decorations to art installations, the team at FIX is in a constant search of innovation. We reach modern audiences and create a link between modern products, art, and an easygoing design. The book is addressed to usually out of reach Eastern Europeans (from Prague to Warsaw, from Budapest to Bucharest, from Kiev to Moscow) as well as to worldwide audiences (from London to New York, from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, from Berlin to Milan).

FIX and the team that produces the book collectively possess a diverse, mobile, and loyal international audience with considerable spending power.

    ︎local as well as international

    ︎women 65% men 45%

    ︎working in creative industries (Marketing, Architecture, Advertising), IT, hospitality

    ︎passionate about visual arts, photography, contemporary art

    ︎design savvy

    ︎interested in our collective heritage and roots


︎shared, likeminded audience

︎tailored content making and craft recipes

︎democratisation of knowledge

︎connection with a contemporary mindset

︎local talent, global message

︎collectible book with timeless knowledge

Book funding

FIX ME A BOOK is reaching out to three different means of funding:

1. Private sponsor
2. The Ministry of Culture (AFCN)                                            
3. Crowdfunding                                    

FIX proposes a new way of advertising through its innovative vision. We place craftmaking at the very core of the book. Through custom content and bespoke recipes, our shared audience benefits from the knowledge cultivated by FIX over the years. This collaboration consolidates FIX connection with the contemporary lifestyle of our audience. Local talent, global message: the book will be tailored to the particularities of local craftmaking in a visually stimulating experience of the botanical world of FIX. The outcome of this collaboration is curated in a meticulously thought out, collectible, design-object book. This would be a first in Romania for such a collaboration.

︎SCENARIO 1 - full-in: 15900euro 

full costs for production (print and graphic designer) & content making (research, photography, set design, texts)

- contextualising brand feature
- colophon mention
- thank you note: at the beginning of the book
- crowdfunding campaign perks
- social media mentions before, during, after launch whenever we talk about the book. Dedicated hashtag.
- November book launch. Press is invited.
- special pre launch event(s) at FIX with a set no. of on-the-house drinks 
- open to further discussions

︎SCENARIO 2 - 9900euros

production costs covered:

- contextualising brand feature
- crowdfunding campaign perks
- social media mentions before, during, after launch whenever we talk about the book. Dedicated hashtag.
- November book launch
- open to further discussions

︎SCENARIO 3 - 5500euros

- crowdfunding campaign perks
- 10 social media mentions before, during, after launch.
- November book launch
- open to further discussions